AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Another Belgian Malinois named Conan was honored in 2019 after the dog was injured during a raid on an ISIS leader in Iraq. Best Guard Dogs Akita. One of the most common dog breeds, Doberman Pinschers make excellent guard dogs due to their dogged loyalty. Its short, stiff coat lends to its imposing appearance and, indeed, this breed can be aggressive with strangers. Most Protective Guard Dogs You Can't Mess With Because of the breed’s long history as a fighting dog and its natural drive to hunt prey, an AmStaff will need proper training and socialization, especially if it will live with other pets or children. Akitas are one of the most loyal dogs. Golden Retrievers – Consistently near the top of the most popular breeds list, this beautiful and friendly dog is also very trainable and eager to please. German shepherd is a special breed of dogs which is known to all of us. Watchdogs will bark or otherwise alert their people to perceived intruders but usually won’t attack. GERMAN SHEPHERD. The answer lies in knowing what each of these most popular breeds bring to the table. DOBERMAN PINSCHER. The AKC’s DiNardo says this is the most naturally protective of the sporting dogs. One of those colourful characters will require you to part ways with a good $2,000 of your hard earned cash! See the Rottie and other cutest dog breeds as puppies. A dog’s presence can help protect your valuables when you are away and keep you safe. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. The best guard dogs are alert but trained well enough to know the difference between guests and intruders. 1. This breed likes constant attention, however, and has an extremely high need for both mental and physical stimulation. Dobermans are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature. Our needs for security, companionship, and loyalty haven’t changed much since then, making dogs a popular choice for protection of our loved ones and our property. Training can also help prevent their barking from becoming a nuisance. 6. Whether you want protection or just a good watch dog, explore our list of protective dog breeds to find the right fit for you. For these reasons, the cane Corso is one of the best guard dog breeds, though not for first-time dog owners. Find out the product that finally solved one pup’s shedding problem. Airedales don’t like being alone, though, and if bored can resort to chewing and digging. Like most mixed breeds, each one has a little bit of a different look. What Are the Most Protective Dog Breeds? Thankfully, they’re also pretty laid back and loving when they’re just hanging out with the family, and will only become aggressive when a threat is imminent. This breed had an unusual beginning. 5. Read more about why you might want to consider a big dog. They enjoy mental stimulation, and have tons of personality, the AKC says. The Akita’s temperament is a special combination of loyalty, alertness, and familial devotion—the perfect recipe for a guard dog. Sometimes a GSD can take its job a little too seriously, though, and needs to be taught not to pounce on anyone who approaches you or the home, GermanShepherdCentral.net points out. They don’t build ’em like this anymore. Whether you are looking for a dog to help you sleep at night or already have a pooch to keep you safe, the experts at PetBreeds identified the most protective dog breeds using data from Animal Planet to highlight these courageous pups. These breeds are quite in nature but always loyal, courageous and protective. That’s because these dogs have been specifically bred for nearly two centuries to ensure one thing: whatever they watch over remains undisturbed. Akitas will keep watch over you and your family at all times. Bred to retrieve waterfowl, this dog likes to be active and, specifically, to hunt, so it’s not a good choice for sedentary families.

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