Then check out the Toto MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV Washlet Elongated Dual Flush toilet. The company is adding its new Aquia IV Arc and Aquia IV Cube designs, which are available as WASHLET+ models or floor-mount toilets. Unusual Toilet Designs for Unusual Personalities. Such as better hygiene, gives you a cleaner and fresher feel, saves the environment … Yawn. Read this Toto Aquia review article to know more about this toilet. Determined you are. Of course, if you like all the features the S350E, S550e classic or S550e contemporary are the right choices when you have an elongated bowl toilet. You are here because almost everyone you know is talking about how great is their new bidet or washlet. Two-piece toilets are often less expensive but more difficult to clean than one-piece toilets. In fact, it is the gist of the entire experience that makes you forget about the hefty price you have paid for it. And you will never risk another incident of finger-through-the-toilet-paper ever again. For example, if hygiene is your top priority, then you may want the auto open and close lid for a whole hands-off experience. A few may have puzzled you, like Washlet+, eWater+, and Premist. Don't worry about it. TOTO just announced that it is extending its much sought-after Aquia IV Dual Flush Toilet line. The film of water over the glaze surface helps to reduce stubborn waste smear and assist in eliminating waste better. Aquia® IV WASHLET®+ S500e. Unfortunately, those washlets with the Washlet+ feature can only fit on toilet models that have the “Washlet+” mark. But of course with a much higher price tag. SKU: MW6463056CEMFG $ 1,813.00 – $ 2,066.50. The TOTO Aquia IV toilet is a fantastic unit that has several benefits and several advanced features. That’s because you are going to bleed your wallet profusely. If odor is a problem, consider having the automatic air deodorizer. Free Shipping on orders over $99.00. The picture is originally from TOTO's website, and the bolt hole distance (in red) is added for your convenience. So it's not all about the looks, it's also for a safety reason. Time to dump the toilet papers away (not into the toilet please). Finally, the heart of all TOTO washlet – The wand. Get your desired TOTO Washlet model today. You can easily check your water pressure with a pressure gauge, like the one on the right. You may not believe it, but toilet paper can jam up the flow in a pipe or the toilet trapway. Excellent flushing power and not lacking in features of a standard TOTO washlet. And it is a great space saver too if you have a small bathroom. Only toilets with this mark can be fitted with a Washlet+ washlet. Though the washlet features are not as extensive as the S350E, it still serves you well and improves the overall hygiene in the bathroom. Read … Here's a TOTO Washlets Comparison table showing Features Vs Washlet Models to assist you with choosing the best TOTO washlet that matches your needs. The Aquia + WASHLET … This version of the Aquia IV offers TOTO T40 WASHLET+ compatibility for when you are ready to upgrade. The Toto Aquia two-piece toilet is made of vitreous china material and a white finish. So, if you have one too many clogs to deal with, a TOTO Washlet could well be the solution. Add to Cart. Any strong advice on decision between G400 and a neorest 500. Large selection of Toto Aquia Iv at everyday low prices. And not forgetting the S300E and S500E, you will see similar differences. In turn, […] The installation manual is easy to follow and in no time, you should have everything set up. First timers can always start with the basic A100 to experience what a TOTO washlet can provide before switching to more advanced models. One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet. Brondell Swash Bidet – Amazing Features & Better Than TOTO? 🙂 But bear in mind they are not in the same class. Integrated seat and bowl Warm Water Spray ... Aquia® IV WASHLET®+ S500e. As you know, washlets are never cheap. Additionally, it’s other features and technology combine to create an ultra-modern, eye-catching, and luxurious best toilet. They are called “WASHLET+ toilets”, which is a washlet & toilet combination. And no more toilet papers. American Standard ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet Review. The TOTO Aquia IV meets the standards for EPA WaterSense®, and California’s CEC and CALGreen requirements. Which Is Better? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TOTO MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV WASHLET Elongated Dual Flush 1.28 and 0.8 GPF CeFiONtect, White-MS446124CEMG Two-Piece Toilet, 27.6 x 15.6 x 29.6 inches, Cotton White at Some folks would deem it as a filler between the expensive tankless (Neorest) and the high-end tank and bowl toilet. The electrolysis of such salt solutions produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide. When you are replacing your old crapper, the washlet toilets are good options to consider. Of course, you've heard about the benefits you can reap from a toilet washlet. Another thing you will note is that the model does come with a compact design. The oscillating and pulsating feature provides the short water burst to clean up your delicate rear after you are done dumping. Simply screw the pressure gauge onto a hose bibb and turn on the supply to the maximum, and you get the reading right away. Any advice? So you started searching for information about TOTO washlets because, again, everyone is talking about it. The difference is stupidly obvious. So that's about all the differences between the S350E and S550E. If you don't have a power outlet around the toilet, you will have to install one within reach of the 3-foot washlet power cord.

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