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Questions fréquentes

  • Somewhere you can note an important event (not on a PostIt you will lose for sure), even for the next year (for which you don't have an diary yet).
  • A centralize place for all your event reminders.
  • Be relax and think to something else: this service will remind you automatically.
  • myDoogle is not relying on your PC (no installation), just on your email address.
  • If you crach your PC and/or change it, you still be reminded by myDoogle on your email address without any backup/restore of files.
  • If you travel without your PC, you will still be able to receive your reminders by using your personnal webmail account.
  • This service is simple, flexible, reliable, confidential and free...
  • Birthdays and wedding anniversaries
  • Subscription renewals deadlines (internet domains, passport, insurance,...).
  • Subscription resiliation deadlines (mobile phone, tv programs,...).
  • Health care events and vaccine renewals for you or your familly.
  • Any longterm event you know you will forget...

Event reminder definition

  • Define the type of event or create your own event type (allow to sort and filter by event type).
  • Define a title of the event (short reminder).
  • Define a short comment of the event that will be sent to you with the email reminder.
  • Define the date of each event you want to be notified by email.
  • Define how long in advance you want to be reminded by email: 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, 1 day, on the day.
  • Define if you want your reminder to be rescheduled after the event date: yearly, quarterly, monthly, each end of month, weekly, daily, only once.

Reminders management

  • List of pending events which can be sorted by type, date, next email date, and title.
  • List of past events that you can edit to reschedule.
  • Create a new event reminder.
  • Edit an event reminder.
  • Delete an event reminder.


  • Define a second email address where your event reminders will also be sent (for example at home and at work).
  • Automatic time zone detection (allows the system to send your reminders on the right day, wherever you be in the world).
  • Full multi-language English and French site

Your email addresses are not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password and myDoogle reminders. myDoogle won't use your email addresses for any other purpose and won't disseminate your email address to outside.