A board charter is a policy document that clearly defines the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the board of directors (both individually and collectively) and management in setting the direction, the management and the control of the organisation. Board committee charters aren’t intended to be static components of the bylaws. The committee has no expressed or implied power or authority. “Charter”: this Corporate Governance Charter. h�bbd```b``n ��3���d��L�`2 LZ�H֩ ��:����`�lN*��L��"ghIƖ�� H���������$TE������ �)F OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF McKesson CORPORATION. BOARD CHARTER BOARD CHARTER – Page March 2012 3 Board meeting minutes The board appoints a person to take minutes of the proceedings of all meetings. CPA Australia Ltd – Board of Directors Charter 9 Internal Governance 9.1 The Board delegates to the CEO responsibility for implementing the strategic and operating plans of the organisation as approved by the Board. Board of Directors Charter Page 1 . A committee charter template provides boards with a basic idea of how to create a board committee charter of any kind. Boards typically give the responsibility for reviewing the committee charter to the committee that the charter serves. At least two of the Directors must have their principal place of residence outside of the Sydney region. Boards have the ability to form whatever committee rules they choose as long as they don’t conflict with the bylaws. IFC Board Toolkit Sample Charter – Board of Directors General_Board_Charter_022813.docx . Attendance 3.12 In the absence of the chairperson, the remaining members present will elect one of their number to chair the meeting. Introduction Part A – Defining Governance Roles 2. Be it resolved by consensus or 2/3 vote of directors, that FOSB adopt the charter of the Board Development Committee, as well as its responsibilities, manner of acting, rules of quorum, reporting requirements and ways to join. In formulating its recommendations pursuant to this Charter, the Committee shall consult with the Chair of the Board. As Approved by the Board. This charter was written by Susan Smith and approved by the board on January 1, 2011. It’s helpful to use a committee charter template as a starting point for developing a board committee charter because it lists the most important sections of the charter. The committee will meet at least quarterly and more often as needed. Reviewing and approving Non-executive Directors’ Board and Committee fees, including fees for Westpac Non-executive Directors appointed to major Westpac Group subsidiaries, subject to the Board fee pool approved by shareholders. This Charter is intended to provide a concise overview of: the demarcation of the roles, functions, responsibilities and powers of the Board, the shareholders of Sasol Limited ("the Company"), individual directors and the officials and executives of the Company; 1 Role of the Board . This Board Charter is subject to the provisions of the [Companies Act No. Board Charter Page 3 of 7 3.11 Directors must be fully prepared for board meetings to be able to provide appropriate and constructive input on matters for discussion. ________________________                 ________________________, Board President                                                           Board Secretary. This area tells committee members how often they need to meet, how often they need to report to the board or other group, what constitutes a quorum, whether they need to take minutes and how to handle them. The Finance Committee shall review staff compensation and benefits for staff and make recommendations to the board. Charter Review. Here is a basic governance committee charter template: Governance Committee Charter. The charter is effective from and will be reviewed every