This is literally what this snack is. I don’t really recommend you to eat in Myeongdong, because there are many restaurants that are expensive and tasteless like any other tourist spot in the world. But you can rest assured that if it change its position, it will not be hard to find, people will show everything they sell, just go and look back and forth, you will see. This is the most famous specialty braised pig’s trotters of Korea. Find out more about learner's privileges here. Definitely a must visit when you travel to Seoul! While you can pretty much shop until you drop here, you can also find some amazing desserts and cafes in Myeongdong – and here are the 15 best picks. Pfft.. calories who? If you ever find yourself magically in Seoul, do drop by for a never ending food journey! Anantara Siam Bangkok Being one of the main shopping and tourism districts, Myeongdong is located in Seoul and is mostly a commercial area. Your delicious lobster is served . Date of Visit: April 25, 2019 We ate here on our first night in Seoul. Usually a raw egg is placed in the center. Mochi With Strawberry And Red Bean Paste – 과일 찹쌀떡, Although yes, this popular mochi originated from Japan this strawberry version is widely known in Korean street food stalls. Seoul Part 3 - Myeongdong Street Food & Namsan Tower My Pineapple Days. 9. As a tourist, you’ll be spending the most time in popular neighborhoods like Myeongdong, Insadong, Hongdae, and Itaewon. 7000won/ S$8.60 Let’s check it out our Myeongdong food blog and Myeongdong food guide with top 12 Myeongdong street food to eat (Myeongdong must eat food) including Myeongdong best food and Korean food Myeongdong to find out the answer. You don’t need to decide which food stall is good, it’s almost traditional dish, so there won’t be too many differences between street food vendors. Honestly, if you eat one, you’re not satisfied, because it’s delicious. It’s called ojingeo bokkeum and tastes pretty much the same as nakji bokkeum. As previously described, there is so much street food to be had here at night. Address: 83 Myeongdong-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul Opening Times: 08:30 – 18:00 (Break time 11:00 – 12:00 ; Closed on Mondays) Main menu: gamja croquette 감자고로케, pat croquette 팥고로케, yakche croquette 야채고로케, cream cheese croquette 크림 치즈. — 5 best restaurant & best street food area in Seoul you must-visit, Gogung Bibimbap Insadong review — Tasting the famous Bibimbap mixed rice at Gogung Insadong restaurant. But the Korean BBQ in Singapore ain’t got nothing against the one in Korea. You know those triangular fish cakes that you see with your tteokbokki?? — 10 best places to visit…, Explore Fujian Tulou — Inside of “inviolable” tulous of China, Exploring top 7 most beautiful towns in Germany you should visit…, Japanese waterfall — Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan in…, 10+ pictures revealed the hidden beauty of ancient Hue city, Mekong Delta travel blog — Beyond rivers of Southwestern Vietnam, 14 reasons why you should travel when you are young, Shigaraki Tanuki – An animal symbol of good luck in Japan, Living in the charms of cave houses in Andalucia, Southern Spain, 20+ jaw-dropping tiny homes around the world, Weird Korean food — Top 19 strange food in Korea & Korean exotic food dare you to try, What to eat in Seoul blog — 9 must eat food in Seoul & must try food in Seoul & best places to eat them, Where to eat street food in Seoul? These Korean street food treats are popular all over Seoul and especially in the Hongdae area. The pork leg braised in soy sauce is also called Jokbal, pig’s leg braised in garlic sauce called Manuel Jokbal, or spicy sauce, sauce is perilla … how to marinate and make sauces of the restaurant will make you wonder why it is no longer greasy as you imagined. If you are a big fan of Korean food, or just a big foodie in general; then I’m here to tell you that Myeongdong is the perfect place for you! Warning that there are lots of interesting things here so be wary of your purse and you should spend the entire evening to explore this area and “eat all” in Myeongdong. But if you’re looking for cafes and restaurants, here are our recommendations: 9) Sulbing (설빙) Well this is the right one for you! The first day after checked in to the hotel, we went to this little dumpling shop at around Myeongdong 9-gil, just 5-8 minutes walk from Aloft hotel. Phone: +82 2-6361-8799. Myeongdong food blog: What to eat in Myeongdong, things to eat in Myeongdong and Myeongdong must eat? I was planning to have a pig out session at Myeong-dong Street and thereafter, visit the famous Namsan Tower as the way to the Namsan cable car station is accessible from Myeong-dong Street. The meal is served initially with all the ingredients separated. Plus, the lobsters are fresh and sweet too! But this restaurant is quite crowded so you should reserve in advance so you don’t have to queue. Thus the name : Potato Hotdog!! To help you navigate through this list of the best places to eat in Seoul, I’ve organized the restaurants by district. — 3 tips…, Tokyo airport to Tokyo city — How to get from Narita…, Kid Mai Death Cafe — Experience the feeling of death at…, Traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto — 4 fastest & cheapest ways…, Bomnal Cafe Jeju review — Check-in & virtual living at the…, Gogung Bibimbap Insadong review — Tasting the famous Bibimbap mixed rice…, Gwangjang market blog — What to eat at Gwangjang market Seoul,…, Best black pork in Jeju — Tasting the super delicious specialty…, Best 5 star hotels in Santorini — 6 most beautiful, best…, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel review — Experience one of the most…, COMO Maalifushi review — A best resort for your perfect vacation…, Regalia Suites Hotel Kuala Lumpur review — One of the best…, 10 must-know things for your best first time European river cruise, Top 3 best luxury cruises in Halong Bay, Vietnam, Best Korean shows — 5 best live shows in Seoul &…, Korea mural village — 3 most beautiful mural villages in Korea…, Explore the National Palace Museum Taipei Taiwan — What to see…, Best handicraft Chiang Mai — 6 best arts & crafts shops…, Where to go in Malacca? Myeondong is in Jung-gu, Insadong in Jongno-gu, Hongdae in Mapo-gu, and Itaewon in Yongsan-gu. The Myeongdong District is one of the most popular districts in Seoul, and it’s easy to see why!You will never run out of things to do, eat or see here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The differences between Korean schools and Malaysian schools. I have had my fair share of kalguksu growing up (a Korean noodle soup with handmade knife cut noodles) but this is the best kalguksu dish I have ever had in my entire life. With a wide stretch of various varieties of food ranging from the spiciest to the sweetest, Myeongdong is confirmed to be able to satisfy and cater to your taste buds! Here are the top 10 Street food to eat in Myeongdong that We Recommend 1. All Beach Hotels Boutique Hotels Hotel Openings Hotel Reviews Luxury Hotels Mountain + Ski Resorts Spa Resorts Vacation Rentals. Yep. 8,000 won / S$10; Spicy ramen noodles. There you go! Well surprise! However, making the perfect ppopgi requires timing and technique. I mean, look at how glorious this slab of pork is. Travel guide and tips for Myeongdong shopping? A version of this dish can be made with squid instead of octopus. We are here to help you travel better, cheaper & longer! Discover the art of traveling anywhere you want. Odeng is a dish enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike! Travel is eye-opening. November 9, 2017 by Julee Ooi / No Comments. You could spend weeks in just Myeongdong and never get bored, even though it’s just a small part of … The sweet potatoes are deep-fried and then coated with caramelised sugar, making this loved snack crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. To top everything off, condensed milk is drizzled allllll over! Pajeon. Koreans eat fish cakes on the way home, usually after a long day of work or school. Kimbap Samia Liamani. We were so preoccupied with going around Myeongdong that night that we forgot to eat dinner. BHC Chicken Myeongdong | Tripadvisor Address: 21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Opening Hours: 1pm-1am (Monday to Sunday) Will Return: maybe Date of Visit: April 26, 2019. … by Jackie December 13, 2019. written by Jackie Published: November 23, 2018 Last Updated on December 13, 2019. Living Nomads celebrates and is inspired by explorers and their passion for travel, curiosity about the world and unique points of view. Around 4 pm, vendors start opening their stalls and sell everything from tteokpokki to odeng, dumplings, grilled lobster, juices and much more. Hi guys! © 2020 Living + Nomads™. It offers a variety of comforting Sundubu (sometimes spelt as “Soondubu”) Jjigae – soft silky tofu cooked in a spicy stew served in a sizzling pot. Date of Visit: April 25, 2019 (lunch) & April 28, 2019 (dinner) We actually ate here twice, once for lunch and the other time for late dinner on our last night in Seoul. Myeongdong food blog: What to eat in Myeongdong, things to eat in Myeongdong and Myeongdong must eat? But there is one thing that is equally impressive, which is … FOOD, but if you want to try special delicacies and most delicious food, you definitely must visit Myeongdong neighborhood or also known as Seoul’s culinary street. LOL. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The food in Myeongdong area is both delicious and cheap from traditional food to Korean fusion cuisine, Living Nomads has reviewed the details of must eat foods in a previous article. Overwhelmed at the plethora of food options in Seoul, South Korea? For just 8,000 KRW, you get this big bowl of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served in a delicious broth. However in recent times, savoury hotteoks are also available like kimchi or vegetable hotteok. Yes, there are multiple stalls in Myeongdong of the same food hahah. A trove of guides and lists for various destinations around the world. However, if for some reason you can’t magically find yourself in Seoul, don’t worry for Penang Korean Class is partnered with some of your favourite restaurants who can provide you the full Korean cuisine experience! Myeongdong Cathedral . July 16, 2019 ; By angelli ; If you are a big fan of Korean food, or just a big foodie in general; then I’m here to tell you that Myeongdong is the perfect place for you! This snack is a hot, sweet and fluffy smol loaf of bun with egg and cheese. The world’s perfect combo (for me at least) hehe. Korean Street Toast (egg sandwich, egg bun, Korean egg toast, gyeran tostuh, or gilgeori tostuh) It is fried egg sandwich (egg toast, egg bun). Kimchi soup Korean cuisine | must eat in seoul What to eat in Seoul blog: The legendary street foods Gwangjang traditional food market. Do not listen to braised pork leg that you feel greasy. Gwangjang market blog — What to eat at Gwangjang market Seoul, the street food paradise in Seoul? Korean. Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong. The church is also responsible for spreading Catholicism in Korea to this date. Also, since street food is literally at the streets don’t be afraid if your food will be able to digest just in time before you have another treat because trust me. It is made from steamed white rice (bap) and whatever fillings you want to eat this with like vegetables and pickles, rolled inside a seaweed sheet called ‘gim’ and served in a bite-size slice. Try it for yourself . It is fried egg sandwich (egg toast, egg bun). Myeongdong Kyoja | Tripadvisor Address: 29 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Parking: No Opening Hours: 10:30am-9:30pm Price: around KRW 10,000 per person (~PHP 432) Will Return: YES!! Living up to their name : Sweet Pancake, these are usually stuffed with cinnamon, dark brown sugar and some grounded nuts. Sounds easy, but it’s really not. These street foods are sold throughout markets to shopping streets in Korea such as Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun, … with the price from 1.000 won. Serving one of the best steamed dumplings and Kalguksu (knife cut noodles) in Myeongdong is a famous restaurant called, surprise surprise, Myeongdong Kyoja. A Myeongdong must eat! Odeng. The locals also have these candied sweet potatoes as anju (안주) – side dish for alcoholic beverages. One of Seoul’s most visited places is Myeongdong Cathedral. Other flavours are available too such as : green tea and strawberry. Myeongdong Kyoja’s famed kalguksu. However, this newly-opened All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place might be a great choice for you if you have no idea where to eat specifically in Myeongdong. 6. About $8.60 is that you can enjoy a grilled lobster filled with cheese, freshly in Myeongdong. Gwangjang market blog — What to eat at Gwangjang market Seoul,… City Guides. Kimbap or Gimbap is a Korean rice roll. This is the most popular food in Myeongdong, sometimes you have to queue for an hour to buy it. January 29, 2019. But don’t just dig in and start to eat it this way. Different regions and different restaurants have its own variation of … Myeongdong Sundubu 명동순두부 is known for its homemade pure tofu, made twice a day using a special machine. Address: 78 Namdaemun-ro, Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea This dish is relatively a little pricey, ranging from 15,000 – 18,000 won; depending on which stall you go to. MiSeong Og (미성옥) MiSeong Og is a 50 year old restaurant down a small alleyway in Myeongdong that sells Seolleongtang ox bone soup … Seoul Beauty Shopping Guide 2019: Where To Get Your K-Beauty Fix But don’t worry because there’s a lot of ‘pojangmacha’ selling it. Tag Archives: Where to eat in Myeongdong Post navigation ← Older posts. Hours: 11:40AM–3AM Or do you want fries? Address: 29 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea. These fish cakes can be enjoyed in many ways, from being skewered, boiled in a broth and served with a cup of soup or even deep fried. Introduced by Chinese immigrants back in the early 1900’s, these sweet pancakes are now a popular snack; specifically during the winter! Curious. Breakfast at Myeongdong – Dumplings and Noodles. Best black pork in Jeju — Tasting the super delicious specialty… Hotels. Myeongdong Kyoja. Plus, you can ask for refills of noodles and rice – come hungry. :O. Actually, you can eat everything you want but you should also spend your stomach space to come here because this restaurant has 30 years old in Korea so its excellence is not discussed. This mochi is filled with red bean paste and in the middle of it all is a WHOLE. Strawberry. These sweet potatoes will definitely come to your rescue! What goes down with this dish is before the fresh lobsters get scattered with cheese, they are first grilled with butter before everything else. After an afternoon of shooting photos for our wedding, we were so tired. 29 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The cheese is then melted until they are slightly brown and ta-da!!! 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Today, traveling to Korea is not as difficult as it used to be, besides the experiences such as visiting the Royal Palace, playing at Everland Theme Park, which is beautiful as a fairyland. Not familiar with using foreign currency can make you count missing money. Also check out these food related posts: 15 Quirky Seoul Desserts – The Best Desserts in Seoul Myth Jokbal The restaurant uses charcoal instead of gas for grilling, which is supposed to give the meat a nice smoky … So, thinking of snacking while having a bottle of soju? Really good and one of Ren’s favorite things to eat on this trip. Here you can find just about everything — fried chicken, tteokbokki (rice cakes), grilled shrimp, egg custard bread, fishcake on skewers and more! Look at it. At Myeongdong nightmarket, you can get a dual flavour soft-serve; just like this one! Myeongdong is known to be the bustling center of Seoul and a major tourist hotspot. In the picture below, she’s cooking duck meat an… Must-Eat: Mushroom and Beef Porridge / Ginseng and Chicken Porridge (KRW ₩8,000 / SGD $9.20) Business Hours: 8am to 9pm daily Address: Migabon, 56 Myeongdong-gil, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea The best ones are the ones that are not too … The sweet aroma of this hot treat can be really tempting especially during the cold weather in Korea! Today in Vietnam, there are many places to sell teokbokki so everyone has tried it once. Well not drenched all over but just a nice kind of all over, you get me? Having been … That’s approximately RM 52.30 – RM 62.00 a serving. Noryangjin Fish Market blog — Explore Noryangjin market & tasting King Crab at the largest fish market in Seoul, Best Korean shows — 5 best live shows in Seoul & shows in Korea you should not miss. Anyone who loves seafood like me will die for it. Seoul itinerary 6 days — How to spend 6 days in Seoul on a budget perfectly? By 박家상민 , via Wikimedia Commons / Processed in Photoshop and Lightroom. They were still open at 10pm so we just ate there. Considering the overall cost of street food here, this dish is quite expensive, but very worthy trying. We live to eat muahaha xD. • Myeongdong Night Market – The Myeongdong night market is a must do experience. Being one of the main shopping and tourism districts, Myeongdong is located in Seoul and is mostly a commercial area. — How to go & how to travel to Nami island from Myeongdong? Look nothing special but tastes delicious and strange. Back then, if kids could eat around the pattern without breaking the candy they would get another ppopgi for free from the vendor! Cute right? Mongvely (Myeongdong branch) 24-6, Chungmuro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul … As I said above, in addition to food, there also are many shopping stores, a bustling market in Myeongdong, so you will not be difficult to find the way on the map to getting to Myeongdong. Definitely a must visit when you travel to Seoul! Bring a paper bag to remove trash after eating because it is difficult to find public trash cans in this area. Each ppopgi has a different shape pattern (like in the previous picture) that can be chosen by the customers, depending on their preferred design. Dongdaemun market guide — What to buy in Dongdaemun Market & what to eat at Dongdaemun food market in Seoul? This treat if perfect if you don’t fancy the traditional spicy ddeokbokki! Fun. The waitress also helps you cook your meat to perfection. However, it’s worth the price because with the big and generous portion you’re getting what you paid for. ; What To Do: apart from shopping and eating, there are lots of things to do Myeongdong.Check Klook or Trazy for the best deals. Labels: Asia, Korea, Travel. Even the name sounds so mouthwatering already~. Kickstarting this blog is our one and only grilled cheese tteokbokki! Basically what this is is rice cakes and grilled mozzarella cheese alternated on stick. All rights reserved. So, are you looking for what to eat in Myeongdong and things to eat in Myeongdong? Explore Ikseon Dong Seoul — Visit Ikseon Dong Hanok Village & Top 9 things to do in ikseon dong. 2019 Top 10 Best Street Food in Myeongdong! These are strawberries on a stick covered in a sugar glaze that is crunchy. How to get to Nami island from Seoul? Do you know how amazing this is as Korean strawberries are famous for its big, sweet, juicy selves and here we are getting the whole thing with the combination of the soft chewy mochi texture and deliciousness of the red bean? Things To Know When Visiting Myeongdong. Remember bring coins, most dishes are very cheap, averaging price from 1.000 won ($0.85) to 5.000 won ($4.26), so if you pay in high denomination currency, it will be easy to mess at checkout because the shops are quite crowded. Queenstown New Zealand travel blog — The fullest Queenstown travel guide…, Auckland travel blog — The fullest Auckland travel guide for a…, New Zealand travel blog — The fullest New Zealand travel guide…, Australia travel blog — The fullest Australia travel guide for a…, How to travel to Switzerland on a budget? You can take the train (Seoul Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 7), bus or taxi to reach this area, then walk along the streets to discover Seoul’s culinary paradise. If you’re a fan of foods of sweet and savoury mixture then this adorable thing can be your soulmate! But let’s spend your stomach space for many other delicious foods. If you’re visiting or staying in the Myeongdong area, you’re in luck as we’ll share the best restaurants in Myeongdong. Eggs will be fried with a little seasoning, meat, ham, vegetables, add a little special sauce of each shop (sweet, fatty, salty), soy sauce and some chopped cabbage on top. In this video, I'm going to share with you where to eat in Myeongdong if you want to go to a sit down restaurant (besides Myeongdong Kyoja!). Myeongdong street at night Myeongdong night market Seafood stall Korean street toast Making Korean street toast (egg sandwich) Grilled lobster with cheese Roasted Cheese and Rice Cake Ilbeonji Gopchang Kkomjangeo Korean BBQ restaurant is extremely famous for Gopchang dish – it is a signature dish made from small intestine/large intestine of pig, cow, and grilled with herbs and served with … The best restaurants in Myeongdong include both foreign and Korean food. A staple in the Myeongdong area for over 50 years, this place serves just about the best bowl of kalguksu (wheat noodles served in a broth) you can find. A mixture of namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables), gochujang (chili pepper paste), soy sauce or doenjang (a fermented soybean paste), and a sautéed meat make up top layer. You can sprinkle with sugar, cheese / butter if you like. Seeing any shop that looks attractive, then stop by and get one. It is a tall building with gothic architecture and pointed pillars are marvelously standing and appeals to many tourists. It was raining so we looked for a noodle place around… Stalls can change positions, or selling different items depending on the season, so my article is for reference only. Here are 5 restaurants that you should consider visiting. Of course, other soft-serve stalls might probably have more flavours too! This soft-serve is a must have. These are few of the many, many, many more delicious treats in Myeongdong. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Most people will tell you that strawberries on a stick are what you need to eat in Myeongdong. Talking about Korean cuisine, it is impossible not to mention this dish. Best restaurants: not only does Myeongdong have a lot of yummy street food, it also has some amazing restaurants. Best 5 star hotels in Santorini — 6 most beautiful, best… City Guides. Hullo!!! The streets of Myeongdong are filled with rows and rows of carts selling delectable snacks. The streets of Myeongdong are long enough so you get your fair share of exercise too! To top it all off these mochis are then brushed with powdered sugar. Yes, in each mochi you get. Hadongkwan is a traditional Korean restaurant in Myeongdong that serves only two items on their menu—Gomtang (thick beef bone soup) and Suyuk (boiled beef or pork slices). You need to be careful since the melted sugar hardens it can feel like chewing glass sometimes. But traveling to Korea without eating Tteokbokki is an omission, you will encounter many ‘pojangmacha’ food stalls selling teokkbokki everywhere on the Myeongdong street. You take the bag and after eating, then throw it in neatly, do not get entangled at all, feel free to eating without being afraid of garbage. Can’t pick? Daring. We had: Dumplings 3 ways (fried, steamed and dumplings without skin). A trip to Seoul is not complete without a visit to Myeong-dong - a street famous … Do you want a hotdog? City Guides. Many times when I finish eating, I have to keep small and miscellaneous trash in my hands and keep walking, I find it very inconvenient. What really makes these worth buying is the strawberries. This candy contains only 2 ingredients : sugar and baking soda. You will enjoy the soft and chewy of the legendary braised pig’s trotters marinated with traditional spices and fresh seasonal ingredients. Today, we will set aside this article for the Myeongdong street food, the bustling neighborhood with full of stores and restaurants where you can shopping and dining, you absolutely not to be missed when coming to Seoul. Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information! Okay so what this is is ….. a hot dog on a stick that is coated in tiny pieces of french fries you say? Baekjeong is a popular Korean BBQ restaurant in Myeong-dong opened by top Korean host Kang Ho-Dong. IT’S HUGE. While Myeongdong street food is great, sometimes you just want to sit down and rest your feet and eat a meal at a table. It’s a mildly spicy dish and one of my favorite things to eat in Korean cuisine. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Korean BBQhas always been a guilty pleasure of mine, even back in Singapore. Kalguksu is a dish of knife cut noodles cooked in a broth. Or rent a traditional Hanbok clothing to strolling around the old town of Bukchon Hanok, visit some weirdest and coolest museums for children or even for adults 18+ … all are worth trying experiences when coming to Seoul. The rice cakes will be cooked together in a typical sauce hot pot, along with eggs, cheese, tofu, fish ball, crab bars… You can eat only Tteokbokki or eat it with noodles. Look nothing special but tastes delicious and strange. 20. They taste great and not too fishy too! Hadongkwan – 80-Year-Old Restaurant In Seoul Specialising In Gomtang. Mattang (맛탕) which means caramelisation originated from China and the Koreans took up this technique for their favourite carb – sweet potatoes (고구마). 1. WHAT TO DO IN MYEONGDONG? Myeongdong Kyoja [$$] (c) @wanderingwinny. Or seoulmate. *Edit: the 7-11 arcade has taken out the claw machines and now just has VR and archery on the 2nd floor. Address: 미가본 – Migabon Restaurant, 2-2 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Phone Number: +82 2752 0330 Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 10pm. Loved by adults and kids alike, this sweet snack is probably one of the famous childhood candies in Korea back in the day. The reason why is still unclear, but hey the food is great so I’m not complaining . Mostly sold and made by the older generation, this is an old fashioned sugar candy called ppopgi!
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